Reflections on Change

In Insights and Thoughts by John Porter

Chamber of Refection by Saodokaomx DeviaotArt

“There is nothing permanent in life except change.” — Heraclitus

As I write this it is St. John’s Day. Our Lodge has passed through another year of labor, and yet another lies before us. Last year gave us momentous events, enjoyable times as well as sad. Our Brothers rose to the challenges, completing the work set before them and starting work on new projects. New designs are upon the Trestle board, and another Masonic year beacons.

The great enlightenment of Gautama Bhudda is that everything changes, and those changes will change further. Happiness and sadness will alike pass away, and from the viewpoint of an individual nothing is permanent—including the individual. Change is the nature of our world, and although some fear it none can stop it. Like the tides of King Knut, change is deaf to the entreaties of those who would stop its flow.

We as Masons, however, understand change as the ancient stonemasons did. With a base in our ancient Craft, we labor to improve our Lodge, our community and ourselves. Knowing that there will always be change, we strive to improve our world and our contributions to it.

We try each day to be better men than we were the day before. Thus we use our traditions to harness change for the betterment of ourselves and our Lodge.

I recently saw t-shirt with the saying “Death smiles at everyone, a Mason smiles back.” Pithy, but to the point. We will not always be here, but our Craft will endure.

And while we are here, let us work as Brothers in harmony. Some of us have taken up new stations and places, some have taken up new challenges. Together we can do great things. As the saying goes, “Where there is unity there is always victory.” I have no idea what the new Masonic year will bring, but I know that the reality will be far more than my expectations. As we start out on the labors of a new year, I can think of no better group of fellows to share the journey with. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish.

Walk in Light, my Brothers.

WB John Porter