Washington, DC

In News and Events by Jason Crowder

I had the honor of accompanying the delegation from the Oregon Grand Lodge, and the MW Grand Master, to Washington DC to open an Occasional Grand Lodge at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, as well as to lay a wreath at the tomb of George Washington.

MWGM laying wreath at George Washington’s tomb


The trip was inspirational, and gave me the opportunity to bear witness to early Masonic history in our country. Masonic tenants form the early building blocks of our great nation. The leadership of brothers such as WB Washington and MWB Franklin, are essential elements that made our country what it is.

In the current political climate, I often ponder if these Masonic tenants could be put to use to aid and heal our wounds. I would encourage any brother to so partake of the next opportunity to visit DC with the Oregon delegation.


— WB Jason Crowder