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Why through Symbols?

In Insights and Thoughts by Mike Bishop

The Most popular definition of Freemasonry states that it is “a System of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” Many a brother has asked “Why illustrated by symbols? Why not illustrated by plain statements of truth, completely defining the ‘system of morality’?” There are many answers. Among them is the truth that definition limits what is defined. Seldom …

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Stoic Influences

In Insights and Thoughts by John Porter

A Young Marcus Aurelius, Musei Capitolini MC279 Up on the Platform: *Have you forgotten what’s what?* “–I know, but it’s important to them.” *So you have to be an idiot as well?* -Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Meditations A while back in Union Lodge, I had the pleasure of being on the investigation committee for a candidate. He has an abiding interest …

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Washington, DC

In News and Events by Jason Crowder

I had the honor of accompanying the delegation from the Oregon Grand Lodge, and the MW Grand Master, to Washington DC to open an Occasional Grand Lodge at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, as well as to lay a wreath at the tomb of George Washington.   The trip was inspirational, and gave me the opportunity to bear witness …